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Next page in CANToolz life

Hello to all CANToolz users (And I know both of them, yeah..)!

There are few things happened. First of all, unfortunately for me it is very difficult to work on new features and maintain the project... one of the main reasons - I do not have hardware (even car), so it is not the best environment for development. Working with remote testers is very difficult and not so productive. I have a lot of ideas and plans, but it is not possible to implement them without proper support (from the community or good R&D team, for example) or without comprehensive testing environment (hardware, vehicles and etc) and of course without enough free time...

Just one more example is  CAN-Pickhttps://cansecwest.com/slides/2017/CSW2017_MinruiYan-JianhaoLiu_A_visualization_tool_for_evaluating_CAN-bus_cybersecurity.pdf 

This tool was also presented on BlackHat US 17: https://www.blackhat.com/us-17/arsenal/schedule/index.html#can-pick---a-visualization-tool-for-evaluating-can-bus-cybersecurity---arsenal-theater-demo-7026

As far as I can see here CANToolz was used as the "engine" and/or the source of ideas(e.g. modules) for CAN-Picks. Yes, they have missed few modules that was introduce after, but maybe they do not need them 8)

But anyway I want other people to use CANToolz, especially when they can do with it more then me! And these guys with their resources and talents can do a lot, for example they have added graph visualization and dynamic config and module loading which I planned to do, but had no time... so they did a great work! But may be I am just a little bit disappointed that they did not want to contribute to CANToolz with their ideas and code, ha-ha-ha, but this typical example of high expectations 8))

Anyway, this is the time for some changes, and the best idea here: to change the maintainer... so please welcome the new maintainer: Tao Sauvage

Tao helped CANToolz a lot with contribution, bug reports, ideas and moral support. He is an active CANToolz user who is helping the project development, and I believe he can provide much more as a leader there! Thank you Tao!

 I will stay as a supporter and if I have  more time and resources for unrealized ideas - then I will also contribute. Any way I am still here :-)

Or yeah... on of the main reasons for this post, new GitHub url:
NEW GitHub:  https://github.com/CANToolz/CANToolz

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